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Please check below to see what leagues are saying in regard to their Fall seasons. All responses have come directly from each league’s website/Facebook/Email. If you have any questions, please get with your league to get them answered! Please check leagues’ individual websites for more information about season information, schedules, practices, rosters, and any important information.

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League News & Upcoming Season Info

Youth Tennis  –

Contact Casey Chapa at 325-455-4770 or call Rose Park Tennis Center at 325-676-6292
Calling all doubles and singles players Abilene’s September, October, and December UTR is here!!
– Singles will be played on Saturday
– Doubles will be played on Sunday
Concerning extenuating situations for time-slots/match times, it is the obligation of each player to ensure they are available for their matches as assigned by the Tournament Director (TD). Requests to have alternate match times will be reviewed and honored at the TD’s discretion based on the tournament schedule and other factors they deem appropriate.
Additionally, to remain consistent with USTA’s regulation, there will be no coaching players by coaches, parents, family, friends, etc. unless it is between the 2nd and 3rd sets.
Link to Setember’s Sign ups: https://app.universaltennis.com/events/183605?fbclid=IwAR3IB90itBoxzNCU8nFjZi_0V1MTAgRu2ypBS-Q0vqmOpkjMBgsUg5Pl424

Youth Basketball

AYSA – all our basketball programs are listed HERE



Youth Baseball


Abilene Eastern LLno August update

(ACS, Bowie, Craig, Purcell, Stafford, Thomas, & Taylor)

Abilene Southern LLno August update

(Alcorta, Bassetti, or Ward)

Abilene Dixie LLno August update

(Austin, Bonham, & Dyess)

Abilene Northern LL– no August update

(Jane Long, Martinez, Ortiz)

Wylie LLno August update

(Wylie Schools)

Jim Ned Little League – no August update

(Jim Ned Schools)

Youth Softball

Abilene Fastpitch Softball Association – 

Fall 2023 Softball Registration:

Redbud Softball Complex

Register through August 31st | Games start September 11th

Individual player $100 | Bring your own team $400

New playing age as of 8/31/23 | 8u, 10u, 12u, 14u

Wylie Fast Pitch Softball– 

Calling all FALL BALL players,
We have been getting a lot of messages about individual sign ups, and they will be open soon. However, fall ball you can bring your whole team. If anyone needs help with flyers, or tryouts, please send us a message. We will help with registration also. USSSA is a little different, but cost is down $100 from last year. We have board members in all age groups to help with any questions. Division reps are posted on our website. 🥎🥎

We are sorry to inform everyone but there will be No softball this season.

USA Softball of Texas District 11



Youth Soccer

AYSA Indoor Soccer – all our soccer programs are listed HERE

Big Country Soccer Association

Big Country Soccer Association
Registration Dates: Now – July 24th
Late Registration Dates: July 25th – July 28th
Registration Fee: $75.00
Late Registration Fee $100.00
Ages 3-14 ( Must be 3 by August 31, 2023)
Discount code for Fall– SiblingFall2023

Youth Football 

CLICK HERE for all information on Abilene Football Leagues, including:

Abilene Hurricanes– no March update

Abilene Cowboys-

Still looking for a few more to fill spots for Flag(5u) and Tykes (7u). Register at abilenecowboyfootball.com Inbox if you have any questions!

Wylie Bulldogs

Practice began Jully 10
Mondays, Tuesdays, & Thursdays 6-8pm
5U-8U behind Wylie West Junior High
9U-11U practice fields next to Wylie High Baseball Field
Cheer practice starts August 1st
Big Country Let The Bucs Freshen You Up With Our Custom Fresheners 😉 Orders Due Aug 8th Find A Buc Family Nearest You & Get Your Orders In ASAP


Youth Hockey

Abilene Hockey – no August update