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Please check below to see what leagues are saying in regard to their Fall seasons. All responses have come directly from each league’s website/Facebook/Email. If you have any questions, please get with your league to get them answered! Please check leagues’ individual websites for more information about season information, schedules, practices, rosters, and any important information.

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League News & Upcoming Season Info

Youth Tennis  –

2023-2024 group schedule for beginners as young as 3 year old up to advanced Middle School players!
To register call the pro shop at 3256766292!
My name is Chris Redman and I am the Director here at Rose Park Tennis Center. I’m working emphatically with my staff to bring Rose Park back to prominence as one of the premier public facilities in Texas. Our success is built largely around the success of the community and in turn, we try to support as many local businesses as possible. We greatly appreciate any contributions to our facility and are excited to present you with the opportunity to have your name or advertise your business on the back of one of our courts with a 2’x4’ sign.
Participation levels here at Rose Park are steadily in between 2,000 and 3,000 players per month consisting of both local and out of town players. We are currently hosting over 30 tournaments a year and generating over 1 million dollars directly to the Abilene economy. We would appreciate the support from the Abilene business community and look forward to working with you!
If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to call (325-676-6292) or email us ([email protected])! Thank you!
Abilene Tennis Association– no December update


Youth Basketball

AYSA – all our basketball programs are listed HERE



Youth Baseball


Abilene Eastern LL – 

Be on the lookout 👀 for Spring Registration info coming in the coming days!

(ACS, Bowie, Craig, Purcell, Stafford, Thomas, & Taylor)

Abilene Southern LL – 

We’ve been busy in the off-season working on some GREAT things! Stay tuned for a big announcement coming up soon!

(Alcorta, Bassetti, or Ward)

Abilene Dixie LLno November update

📢We’ve got some BIG NEWS about this Upcoming baseball season! Stay Tuned!

(Austin, Bonham, & Dyess)

Abilene Northern LL

T-Mobile Little League Call Up Grant Program- https://www.littleleague.org/call-up-grant-program/?fbclid=IwAR3Wu3ZUw8N5WksGDKF6uDwLocctLW38y9lhDDT5QYe25qByGvOrdM-wtMY

You can sign up & get notifications for when the grant will be available! At the link below ⬇️ spring ball is around the corner !

(Jane Long, Martinez, Ortiz)

Wylie LLno December update

(Wylie Schools)

Jim Ned Little League – no December update

(Jim Ned Schools)

Youth Softball

Abilene Fastpitch Softball Association no December update

Wylie Fast Pitch Softballno December update

USA Softball of Texas District 11



Youth Soccer

AYSA Indoor Soccer – all our soccer programs are listed HERE

Big Country Soccer Association

Spring Soccer
Registration: Now-Jan 10
$75 ($10 sibling discount after)
Ages 3-15 (must be 3 by December 31 2023)

Youth Football 

CLICK HERE for all information on Abilene Football Leagues, including:

Abilene Cowboys – no December update

Wylie Bulldogs – no December update

Abilene Bucs – no December update


Youth Hockey

Abilene Hockey – no December update