Our Volleyball and Basketball Firm Foundation (1) Academies came to a close this week, and we are SO PROUD of all the athletes that put in hard work for an entire 6 weeks!!



Playing sports is like living life – the fundamental skills must be learned, practiced, and turned into habits (character) in order to truly succeed and grow! When the pressures build in a close game or in areas of our lives, our performance always falls to the level of skills that we have made our normal habits (character). Competition REVEALS our skills (character) more than it BUILDS our skills (character). PRACTICE & TRAINING IS WHERE OUR GAME IS BUILT!! Firm Foundation Academies provide fun, challenging, and encouraging environments where youth learn to develop the skills they need to succeed in their sports and in their lives. Firm Foundation athletes receive quality instructions, COOL T-SHIRTS, and a comprehensive handbook for them to continue their development at home with their parents and friends.


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The Jon Smith Memorial Showcase was a HUGE success! 26 TEAMS came out to play an entire 2 full days of non-stop volleyball!

To get signed up for the 2021 Showcase now, contact [email protected] because trust us … you DON’T WANT TO MISS OUT ON THIS!

Check out 2020 Showcase Images on FB




All AYSA and Dodge Jones Youth Sports Center guidelines may vary from event to event based on CDC and Local governing bodies.

Current protocols and safety guidelines:

  • Masks REQUIRED to enter facility and to be kept on, with the only exception being players on the court
  • Sanitation stations are located throughout the facility to be used as needed
  • All staff, volunteers, parents, and athletes will be screened before entry into every single event
  • There will be a buffer in-between open gym hours and tournament gaps for staff to clear and clean the space before the next groups enter
  • Additional cleaning will take place throughout and at the conclusion of every day
  • The number of entrants allowed into the facility for events will be subject to the guidelines from the CDC and state/local officials
  • All balls will be sanitized before and after each open gym time and tournament game
  • AYSA highly encourages all individuals considered at-risk to stay home
*We are constantly looking for ways to highlight youth in the community, so if you have an athlete you would like to nominate please CONTACT US *


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ELEVATE Volleyball Camp – Boys and Girls 6th-8th Grade

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VolleyKids Volleyball League – Boys and Girls 6-14 Years Old

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Hot Shots Basketball League – Boys and Girls 6-14 Years Old

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Schools In Session Basketball Tournament – Boys and Girls 9U-18U

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Final Stop Basketball Tournament – Boys and Girls 9U-18U

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*signups for 2021 WEST TEXAS ALL-YOUTH EXPO vendor space reservations are currently open – contact us for 2021 vendor form.*


Raising the Bar – The Abilene Youth Sports Authority is on a mission to help kids, coaches, and parents have a better experience with youth sports than ever before. We want to cultivate an atmosphere of friendly competition and good sportsmanship throughout the Abilene area and beyond.




*Pay attention to the ACVB calendar of events*



*Due to COVID-19 Youth Leagues have all been put on a temporary hold and will be until they have been cleared to continue with their seasons. As of May 1st, the City of Abilene Parks and Recreation Department has permitted outdoor recreational sports for four or less people. This includes opening up our basketball courts and tennis courts. Our playgrounds are still closed until further notice, but our parks are still open to the public. Please continue to practice social distancing while visiting parks and during outdoor recreational activities.


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League News & Upcoming Season Info

Youth Tennis AUGUST JUNIOR TOURNAMENTS UPDATE: Registration dates and requirements now posted. See for more details.

Visit for more information about registration information and future seasons.

Youth Basketball

AYBA registrations for 2020/2021 will start in September!! Be sure to check website for updated team, roster, coach, and season information!

Youth Baseball

Registrations for Spring 2020: Please check below to see what leagues are saying in regards to their spring seasons. All responses have come directly from their website/Facebook/Email. If you have any questions, please get with your league to get them answered! Please check leagues individual websites for more information about season information, schedules, practices, rosters, and any important information.

Abilene Eastern LL

Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Joey Roberts, and as the president of Eastern Little League, please know this was an agonizing decision. The board did not make this decision on a whim, nor did it take this decision lightly. I can speak for myself and tell you there has been lost sleep and heartache over this issue. Everyone on this board is a volunteer. Everyone on this board (save the coordinators of the Challengers League) has one child or more in the league. They too have to deal with the loss of money spent, time spent coaching or watching their child(ren) practice and play, and have the disappointment of calling the season to an early close. Some of us only got two or three games in this season. None of us liked to inform our own child(ren) of the decision (including kids who are aging out), but at the same time, we are focused more on what is best for the league as a whole. We would rather look back and say we did too much instead of we should have done more. We knew no matter what decision was made, people would be upset. What I will not stand for is for people calling other people names or for parents to rag on the members of the board who took what information they had (number of players who would play, number of people affected by the pandemic, the family dynamics within our league, and the amount of money spent on uniforms, insurance, field maintenance, concession stand, signage, etc.) and made an informed decision on the refund and the safety of our players and their families. Folks, Eastern Little League is going to be better than name calling and false accusations. If you want to do that, then you can take your player(s) and go elsewhere. We will not be about that at Eastern! No, we didn’t want to make today’s decision. We wanted to play, but as we said in the original announcement, Eastern exists for the children to have a safe and fun place for baseball. As a board, we believe we can not assure those two things. We as a league (and that includes parents, coaches and players) must be better than name calling, nagging and accusations. We must rise to the occasion and figure out how we can come out of this pandemic a stronger league. We must do all we can to bond together and move forward rather than try to pull others down and tear the league apart. Division is not what Eastern Little League is going to be about. Thank you for your understanding and patience during this time. Everyone stay safe and healthy, and we will see you next season.

Go Eastern!

Joey Roberts, President of Eastern Little League (posted to FB July 12)

(Lee, Johnston, Bowie, Thomas, Taylor, & ACS)

Abilene Southern LL – 

Image may contain: text that says 'Abilene Southern PROTOCOLS July League Governor's baseball season, please adhere EVERY PERSON following protocols: continue WEAR before and One line, complex. about etc. SEAT game, Spectators spacing members. Spectators encouraged avoid sitting stands, separate crowd. you feel with any COVID symptoms, PLEASE HOME! will Players' anything covering bandanas, disposable masks, sleeves, Players remove playing gaiters, COACHES DIVISION will Coaches can remove spacing players, the field but coaches, umpires. THE maintain failure protocols seriously, hospitalizations, shut down. Board comply these protocols, let local baseball. With shut ongoing too. Southern!'

(Bassetti, Ward, or Jackson)

Abilene Dixie LLno August update.

(Austin, Reagan, Bonham, & Dyess)

Abilene Northern LL 

If any questions about sign ups and age requirements this up coming season please contact Maria Alvarez @ (325) 518-3940. Thanks Northern is looking forward to seeing all the kiddos play baseball.

(Jane Long, Martinez, Ortiz)

Abilene Wylie LLno August update.

(Wylie Schools)

Jim Ned Little League – no August update.

Youth Softball

Registrations for Spring 2020: Please check below to see what leagues are saying in regard to their spring seasons. All responses have come directly from their website/Facebook/Email. If you have any questions, please get with your league to get them answered! Please check leagues individual websites for more information about season information, schedules, practices, rosters, and any important information.

Abilene Fast Pitch Softball Association

Hey folks! We hope everyone has been enjoying the freedom we’ve been given to play ball, wherever you are! The numbers are on the rise again & it seems as though it’s affecting the youth sports leagues now, here in Abilene. 🙁 Please continue to practice social distancing, wear a face mask if possible & wash yo hands! Stay safe!

(posted to FB June 29)

Abilene North Softball

Image may contain: text

Wylie Fast Pitch Softballno August update.

Abilene Boys & Girls Softball Association – no August update.

Youth Soccer

Big Country Soccer Association Please see updated information for league play below. If you have any questions, please get in contact the BCSA directly! Check League website for roster, team, and schedule information!

Registrations closed 7.28.20 at mignight. Contact direct for questions!

Youth Football 

Wylie Youth Football and Cheer No August update.

Youth Hockey

Abilene Hockey

In light of current events and for the safety of all our hockey community, Abilene Hockey has decided to end the Spring 2020 season and will shift focus on the Fall 2020 season. We will roll out important info in weeks to come. Stay Tuned!

(posted to FB July 3)