“We are so thankful to have been able to attend the tournament.  First off, we loved the message sent.  Too often people shy away from talking about Christ when that is what the world needs most right now so as a parent, I absolutely loved that.  As for the volleyball itself, man did we get to play a lot of volleyball!  The girls were so exhausted by the last game that we were all running on fumes.  It was awesome.”

Wall Hawks Parent

“This tournament was outstanding! The pool games, the chapel, and the bracket play were great!”

Becky Hix

“There was good communication through the entire process starting with registration. It was a great opportunity for a lot of volleyball to be played.”

Eastland Parent

“The showcase was a great value in terms of the number of sets, facility, and administration for the entry fee. We had a great time and will make this an annual event for our school teams!”

Scott Anderson

“By far, this is one of the best-run tournaments we’ve ever attended.  The staff was above nice and helpful. The facility is super nice and clean.  We will definitely be back!”

Monahans Parent

“I CANNOT say enough about how hard this crew worked to make sure the Jon Smith Memorial Showcase—not only happened and we all got more volleyball than we ever imagined—but they were smiling, dancing, working, cleaning, sanitizing, creating brackets, answering questions, and taking pictures for two days straight, NON-STOP!”

Wylie High School Head Coach